divendres, 9 de desembre de 2011

Things to do at Christmas

Hey guys!
Christmas is coming which means holidays and loads of free time! So, in case you're bored any moment, here's a list of 10 things that you can do:)
Hope you like it!!



dimarts, 14 de juny de 2011


Nous sommes partis en bus pour Carcassone le 30 mars. Nous sommes arrivés à midi à l'hotel que c'était très joli et moderne. Après ranger nos affaires nous avons visité le village d'en bas et nous avons fait un tour pour les monuments plus signifiés.
Le lendemain nous sommes montés jusqu'à la cité et nous nous sommes bien surpris parce que c'était très belle et ancienne avec son château, son église et ses petites ruelles pittoresques. L'après-midi, nous avons uposé dans l'hôtel et nous sommes allés au "jakuzzi". Ça a été très amusant. Le dernier jour nous avons visité le village de Foix jusqu'à midi et après nous sommes retournés vers Bellpuig. Notre petit voyage a été une experience inoubliable!

We left by bus to Carcasson on March, the 30th. At midday we arrived at the hotel which was very beautiful and modern. After unpacking up our bags we went on a tour around the town and we visited the most significant monuments in there.
The next day we went to the upper part of the city and we had a great surprise when we saw the beauty and the ancient of the castle, the church and the thin and picturesque streets. At midday we went back to the hotel and we enjoyed the jacuzzi. It was a lot of fun! On the last day we visited the city of Foix until midday and afterwards we went back to Bellpuig. Our short trip was an unforgetable experience!


dimecres, 25 de maig de 2011


We are in an experimental project called PELE that consists on doing a subject (which is not about languages) in English. This year we are doing technology in English. Our teacher, Magda Quer, and another teacher who is English, teach us. The English teacher, Rosana, helps us with the project and solves our doubts, but everything in English. This year the project chosen has been a drawbridge.
During the third term, we've been building a drawbridge. We've spent a lot of time in the technology classroom.
The first day we were divided in groups, and then, we have continued working in theses groups, in the technology class and even in the IT classroom. During this term we have to build the bridge with the wood pieces, but we also have to build the engine, which is made of plastic and metal, and an electric system with LEDS and wires.
After doing the project, we'll have to present a "Power Point" about all the tasks made, the time we've spent on it, the problems and the photos we've taken during the making of the drawbridge.
At the end of the course we'll have to show it in front of the classroom, explaining it to our classmates and speaking in English.
I think that this project is very important for all the class, and it has been really good to imporove the relationship between us and to do a cooperation project. In my opinion it's a good idea to do this kind of projects because it's really different from all the other things we do in class.


dimecres, 30 de març de 2011


Last Wednesday, a group of 20 people (formed by 12 students from 4th of ESO, 1 from 3rd of ESO, 4 from 1st of A Levels and 3 teachers), left to Céret, southern  France early in the morning. A three-days-long trip was waiting for us full of new experiences, vocabulary, new people, etc. On the first day, after our arrival at around 12 a.m. each one of us left to their friend’s house. In the afternoo, we all visited the famous local museum in the town’s city centre. When we finished the tour we had free time, so the French people organised a dinner party for us at a girl’s house. It was such an interesting night in which we had the opportunity to stablish new relationships with the students there. 
The next morning, we all got up early and, after having breakfast in the house we had slept, we left to the local theatre to start our rehearsals because at 10 o'clock all the plays were starting. Before lunch, we were espectators of three different groups. When we finished, we went to their high school and had lunch there (lentils and meatballs/salmon). In the afternoon our play was the first one, so with a lot of nerves we started. It went very, very well and we stayed there until 4 p.m. Later, some of us stayed in Céret, but others went to Perpignan and had a drink. When we arrived back in Céret, we got changed and went to a bar-restaurant where we had dinner. The food was very, very tasteful. The funniest thing was that while we were eating played table football. We all left at around midnight. It had been a fantastic day!
On Friday we didn't have to get up as early as the other days, the bus was waiting for us at 10 a.m. to take us to a lake with the French students. There we played basketball, football and other games and at around 1 p.m. we had our packed lunched. Afterwards we said goodbye to everybody and got in the bus. It took us to Cotlliure a wonderful town in the coast with a very nice castle. We had a delicious ice-cream and finally left home. 

dimecres, 9 de març de 2011

Good morning!
This is our first entry as a group:) We hope we can do many more.


dimarts, 8 de març de 2011

Welcome everyone!

Welcome to our new blog!^^
From now on this is going to be the perfect place to have a look at our favourite books, songs, videos, magazines, etc. With the new website we're also going to be able to share our experiences as a group after a trip or re-see the presentations we've done before in class.
Have a nice time and enjoy it!