dimecres, 6 de juny de 2012

End of the year trip!

We’re back here once again, this time to explain the last of our journeys:) It all began a week before starting the Easter holidays, when a group of 28 students + 3 teachers started the exciting experience of travelling around several countries in central Europe! First day: Bellpuig - Geneva - Bulle The first day we left home very early in the morning. At 6 am the bus left Bellpuig heading for “La Jonquera”. We stopped there, recharged our batteries with coffees, juices, biscuits, sweets... and we met our driver for the rest of the trip, Tirs. He drove us to Bulle (Switzerland), but, on the way we stopped for lunch and, later in the evening, we took a short tour near Geneva’s lake. When we arrived at the hotel we left our suitcases in the reception and went to the train station’s restaurant for dinner. Everything was very good, tasty and the dishes looked classy!! After eating, we went to our double or triple bedrooms and had a bit of fun together;) However, the teachers weren’t very happy with that, and so we all went to sleep. The next day was also looking like interesting! Second day: Bulle - Liechtenstein - Innsbruck On the 29th we got up early and tried to have a shower. However, as the water was freezing it was a very difficult task. We took our suitcases to reception and had breakfast. When we had all finished, we got on the bus, put on our headphones and left for our next stop: Liechtenstein. Most of us had an Italian dinner there and, afterwards we took the bus to Innsbruck, where we spent the first of our four nights in that beautiful city. Before having dinner in the hotel, we went on a small tour around the city centre and, at night, we went out for a typical beer. Third day: Innsbruck - München - Dachau - München - Innsbruck The day started very early. We went from Innsbruck to München by bus and there, we picked up the tour guide, a lady from Mallorca who had been living in Germany for many years. She showed us many sights and gave us information about the city’s history. Tirs was the one in charge of driving us around. The most impressive stop in the city was the BMW building, because we went inside and we were allowed to pretend to drive some of the expensive cars. Afterwards, we went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. It was very interesting, and sad at the same time, because we had the possibility of visiting the inside of one bunker, the original crematory and the gas showers. Back in München, we had free lunch time and, after eating, we all met and travelled to Innsbruck for our second night in the Alpin Park Hotel. Fourth day: Innsbruck - Neuschwanstein - Oberammergau - Innsbruck We spent the whole morning and midday visiting the famous castle in which some Disney films were inspired. Some of us went up to the castle on a horse carriage and others preferred to walk. The castle was absolutely beautiful and charming. We had a lovely time there. In the afternoon we went to Oberammergau, a town well-known for the religious scenes painted on the houses’ walls and for their wood art. We spent some time in the village and then left for Innsbruck. Fifth day: Insbruck - Chiemsee - Salzburg - Innsbruck This day we went to the Chiemsee lake, which is famous for having one of Ludwig II's castles, a replica of the Versailles palace. Inside, it was majestic and amazing. Every single wall and the furniture were painted in gold. In order to go to and return from the island we took a boat. We ate in the fishermen's town on the coast of the lake and then headed for Salzburg, where an Argentinian guide was waiting for us. We visited the main street, a few churches, squares, the Salzach river and, of course, Mozart's home. Afterwards, we went back to Innsbruck for our last night in the city. Sixth day: Innsbruck - Bern - Ambilly It was a sad day, we were starting the last part of our journey. However, before arriving home, we still had to make one more night stop, Ambilly (France). On the way there, we stopped in Bern, where we had lunch and visited the city. It was a sunny and warm day. Finally, after many bus hours, we arrived at the hotel, a modern and cosy establishment. Seventh day: Ambilly - Avignon - Bellpuig With our bags completely packed and on the last day of our journey, we left Ambilly early in the morning. On the way, we stopped in Avignon for lunch and then... “Bellpuig, here we come again!” All of us slept on the bus, loaded with loads of pleasant memories that, I’m sure will be with us forever. Júlia

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